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A day in your life: brought to you by skilled workers

Every day, you, I, and every Canadian live our lives off the work of the skilled trades. Our lives would hardly be the same without them. Let me show you how. Imagine a day in the life of an “average” Canadian. You wake up in the morning and take a shower, brought to you by… Read More

Without skilled workers, Canada’s economy collapses.

Canada is the best country in the world, isn’t it? We just can’t think of anywhere better. Compare us to anywhere else on Earth, and I think it’s fair to say: there’s nowhere safer, with more opportunities in the present and in the future, where people are freer or healthier or happier. And if you… Read More

Skilled trades are Canada’s future. Bar none.

You hear it all the time: the struggles facing young people with arts and humanities degrees. The stereotypes fly fast and furious. These kids go to university, spend four years of time and money sitting in lecture halls, then end up as a barista at your local coffee shop. They just don’t learn the skills… Read More

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