A day in your life: brought to you by skilled workers

Every day, you, I, and every Canadian live our lives off the work of the skilled trades. Our lives would hardly be the same without them. Let me show you how.

Imagine a day in the life of an “average” Canadian. You wake up in the morning and take a shower, brought to you by the work of plumbers and pipe makers. Look around you… nice house! You can thank construction workers, drywall plasterers, and others for that.

You go downstairs and pour yourself a cup of coffee, made fresh from clean water – and you don’t have to boil that water because of infrastructure maintained and built by skilled workers. Of course, that wouldn’t water couldn’t even get to you without the plumbers that keep your pipes working.

Ready for work, you hop in the car with your kids and head to their school – a school that couldn’t hold together, if not for the work of skilled tradespeople. Then, like millions of Canadians, perhaps you drive yourself to work on a highway – brought to you by skilled workers operating concrete pumps and other heavy equipment.

No matter what you do for a living, nine to five at the office would be hard without the lights on. Thanks for that goes to the electricians who wired your office, and the powerline technicians who ensure energy gets from a local plant to your work station.

Finally, you head home at night, pick up the kids from school, and enjoy your evening. At the end of the day, your head hits the pillow with the comfort of knowing that the rain won’t get in because of a roofer. You feel safe, because a locksmith keeps your door shut. You can live your whole life because of skilled workers.

Yes, there is no “average” Canadian, and no “average” day in the life. But neither is there any modern living without the work of skilled workers and the skilled trades they bring to the economy every day. After all: if you want it built right, if you want it built safe, and if you want it built well, you need it built by skilled workers. Without them, there simply is no Canadian economy. So, no matter what your average day looks like, take a look around you… it’s brought to you by the skilled trades.